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Where is your Farm?
Our Farm is situated on the South West coast of Ireland , on the Beara Peninsula, facing out into the wild Atlantic ocean.

What is Abalone?
Abalone is a marine Gastropod or sea snail.

Which species do you farm?
We farm Two species, Haliotis Discus Hannai (Ezo Awabi, Japanese Abalone) and Haliotis Tuberculata.

What do they eat?
In the wild Abalone will trap Sea weed as it passes. Discus hannai prefers Kelps while Tuberculata prefers red sea weeds.

What does Tower Aqua Products feed their Abalone?
Tower Aqua Products ltd has access to a fantastic sea weed resource, which is sustainably harvested and feed by hand to our Abalone.

Is water quality important when growing Abalone?
Water Quality is very important to grow healthy Abalone. Our Farm is situated on the ruggedly beautiful Beara Peninsula in grade A classified waters, facing out into the cleanest Atlantic waters. The Gulf stream gently heats and brings nutrient rich Atlantic waters, which provides the ideal water conditions for the growing of Abalone. Our remote location prohibits any large industrial development, therefore maintaining a pristine environment for the growing of our Abalone.

Does your Farm impact on its environment?
Our Farm has been designed to blend into its environment. The use of environmentally friendly energy solutions, is not only an economically sustainable solution, but also environmentally sustainable. Our Farm is externally monitored by several government agencies and conforms to rigorous licensing criteria.

Do you have production Standards?
Yes, we are a registered food producer and EU certified. We maintain a full HACCP accreditation.

Where would you normally find Abalone in the wild?
Abalone are normally found in the intertidal zone, they prefer high energy sites with good sea weed resources.

Where do you keep your Abalone?
We provide an environment that is as similar to the natural environment. We keep our abalone at relatively low density , in basket which mimic the natural substrate. We provide large volumes of high quality sea water, which we claen and maintain to the highest level. These Abalone are than fed sustainably harvested natural sea weed.

Do All abalone farms feed sea weed?
No, most farms feed artificial feeds to their Abalone, which is based on fish meal diet. This is both unsustainable and effects the quality of the finished product.

What size are your Abalone?
As and from the 30th June 2010 the following sizes are available:
100mm +
What countries are Abalone native too?
Our Japanese Abalone are native to the Pacific, while our European Abalone are native from the channel Islands south to the Canary Islands.

How do you cook Abalone?
Generally you can boil, steam or stir fry Abalone, Take a look at our recipe page for some fantastic recipies



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