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Japanese Abalone

 Japanese abalone, are a small type of mollusc. Also known as “sea ears” referring to their flat shell, Japanese abalone live in the rocky reefs of the Western Pacific. Their color ranges from varieties of dark olive green dappled with dark red, brown, and lighter green on the outer shell to a pearl color on the inner shell.  They grow to an average of about three inches and weigh up to three and half ounces. In the wild, most abalone are found in the ten-meter depth of low tide where they feed on the algae that grows on the rocky bottoms of coral reefs.

  The broad “foot” by which abalone cling to rocks is the edible portion, the adductor muscle.  This part of the mollusc is pounded  to tenderize before cooking.  Abalone can be obtained fresh, canned, dried, or salted.  Fresh abalone should still be alive, which can be tested by touching the exposed muscle to see if it twitches.  When fresh, one should choose relatively small and sweet, not fishy smelling, abalone.  Best sautéed, this mollusc must be cooked about a day within purchase.  However, when dried abalone is used in traditional Japanese dishes like Awabi Sakami, meaning “Sweet-Cooked Abalone,” it must be soaked for several days before using.  All abalone should be cooked very briefly (only about twenty to thirty seconds) to prevent toughening of the meat.

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