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Europe's Abalone Specialist - Quality Organic Abalone

Tower Aqua is based in West Cork and is Europe's leading Abalone Farm.  We specialise in organically farming Japanese abalone.  Our abalone are produced in a bespoke production facility in West Cork.

Quality Abalone for sale

We provide quality live Japanese Abalone for sale around the World.  We generally wholesale large orders but we also sell to individual restaurants and consumers who share our passion for the Abalone.

Contact us if you want to learn more or just to chat about Abalone.

We also provide an end to end consultantcy service primarily in Europe for farmers that need assistance with developing their Abalone farms. If you need assistance we will be delighted to try and help you.

Japanese Abalone - the most sort after species in the World

We farm Eso Awabi (Haliotis Discus Hannai) or Japanese Abalone.  This species is one of, if not the most, sought after species in the World. The EU has introduced Alien species legislation that prohibits the introduction of unusual or non-native species to the EU.  As the species has been present in Ireland for almost 30 years we are allowed to farm this very special Japanese Abalone.

Pure Water - Perfect for fantastic Abalone

The water quality in this area would be considered second to none, as the site is effectively out side Bantry Bay, looking at Mizen Head, giving access to high quality Atlantic sea water, good salinity and high in nutrients, warmed by the Gulf Stream.

The most advanced Abalone facility in the World

Tower Aqua's facility is computer controlled to ensure that our Abalone are in a great environment and enjoy happy lives.

They are fed on organic sustainable seaweed creating the best tasting and most sught after Abalone in the World.

If you have not tried our Abalone, you are missing out!  Give us a call.

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