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About Us..


The Company
The company operates from a new, fully licensed, purpose built, state of the art facility, located on the ruggedly beautiful Beara Peninsula, in West Cork ,on the  rugged southwest coast of Ireland. The facility currently has on-growing capacity for 45 tonnes of Abalone production, but has been designed to accommodate production of approximately 80 tonnes of Abalone.
The facility has been designed to provide the most cost effective, yet sustainable growing solutions, operating at a fraction of the cost of other equivalent systems.
We use Re-circulation technology to grow Abalone in Two independent tank systems. This system uses a combination of re-circulated water and fresh sea water, to provide the optimum growing environment.
The facility has a sophisticated monitoring system which monitors all key water parameters as well as all crucial mechanical systems. This is linked to an alarm system which sends out a series of text messages to all members of staff, should there be a change in status.
The farm draws its water supply from a sheltered access point. This water is pumped to a large sea water reservoir, which contains enough for 5 days use. This gravity feeds the re-circulation systems on the farm. The overall system is divided into two, a juvenile reception area, holding juvenile Abalone four months and the adult growing unit. The Juvenile system acts as quarantine, for new Abalone entering the facility, it also allows us to create a similar environment to the original system, from which, the juveniles were hatched, thus decreasing any possibility of stress to the Abalone. Over a period of time we bring the juvenile system parameters to those of the main system, which allows for stress free movement to the main on-growing system.
The overall on-growing  system has a capacity of in excess of 1,000,000 litres. The re-circulation systems are efficient to about 90-95%, therefore we add 5-10% new water to this system per day. The waste 5-10%, is removed after the filtration element of the re-circulation system. This sea water will be passed through a heat exchange unit and returned to the sea. Our innovative heat recycling system in tandem with the 16,000 square feet of under floor heated, growing area, gives us an economical and efficient heating solution. Using 100 mm insulation throughout the building has kept our heat losses to the minimum and increases our overall efficiency.
In our first year of production this system has proven its self beyond expectations, providing Tower Aqua Products with one of the best all round, Abalone growing solutions in the world.
Company Background
Tower Aqua Products Ltd was formed in 2004 by Michael O’Neill and Aidan McGurn. Michael O’Neill undertook at Feasibility study in 2004. From this study, the project developed to its current stage, whereby the company operates, in a new sophisticated, purpose built,20,000 square foot production facility. The facility has now been in production for over one year, the production systems are now performing beyond expectations, the team is working very well and the focus is now on strategicly developing the business modle, as well as the ongoing development of the production systems.






Mission Statement
“Tower Aqua Products Mission, is to profitably produce, the highest quality organic Abalone, using sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies.”


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